PTR 11/15/2013: Obamacare, The Green Movement, Economy, Prepping

Topics from today’s show included: Obamacare, The Green Movement, Economy, Prepping

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One thought on “PTR 11/15/2013: Obamacare, The Green Movement, Economy, Prepping

  1. International banks create money every day as debt. Fact. If International banks are able to create money out of nothing or with very little as fractional reserve to lend as debt then why not authorize the banks to create a sovereign fund which could be used as emergency funding, to slowly pay off our sovereign debt, or/and to save our crumbling coastline. We could ensure that the practice did not create a fall in our currency by increasing the types of economical stats we collect. We have the advantage from 1844 when banking began because we have computers that would make the effect of the process possible to track, plus we have brilliant mathematicians and economists who could show us how. We could create more or less to the fund as situations dictate. The least we could do is authorize a commission to study the possibility. Obviously it should be protected from political interference so that it cannot be raided by any political party for short term electoral gains. This just might be the saving of the entire global economic situation, or at least greatly assist.

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